About Us



GAIN MUSIC (Guelph & Area Independent & New Music) is an event booking, promotion and management company based out of Guelph, Ontario - and WE love where we live.

  • We work to give back to the local music scene
  • Offer a variety of event for local & area music fans
  • Offer something for ALL ages 
  • Celebrate local artists

How GAIN Evolved & Grew

What started as an idea, grew to become much more than that!      


Inception of GAIN MUSIC 

Inception of the idea for a winter festival amidst discussions with local bands and other locals involved in the music scene. There were also discussions pertaining to the direction of the local music scene and the need for more events through the winter/early spring months.


Large showcases  

First year to have large showcases, putting the GAIN music name on the map. Some of these showcases included Farewell To Freeway’s CD release party, Cancer Bats, Dead & Divine, USS & My Son the Hurricane, and the Lifestory:Monologue CD release party.


Making a name

More showcases began popping up, and at various venues throughout the downtown core and surrounding areas (ANAF, Jimmy Jazz, Van Goghs Ear,) and more offers from agents on some of their developing and upcoming artists began to trickle in. GAIN was making a name for itself.


Bigger and Louder

More shows hosted in 2013 than 2010,2011 and 2012 combined! This was a HUGE year for GAIN! With a focus on the development of local acts (i.e The Medicine Hat, Arkham Awaits, Adverteyes, Delhi to name a few,) as well as bringing in some larger acts (Mandroid Echosta, The Reason, The Elwins to name a few,) the overall vision of GAIN was coming to light.


Changes - opening of dstrct

This was a year of change. GAIN Music began taking on all the bookings at 10 Wyndham St and began to focus on developing an identity/brand of having 10 Wyndham being connected as a place for live music. The largest show that GAIN has put on occurred in 2014 – Protest the Hero, Intervals, the Motorleaque and Arkham Awaits at the Guelph Concert Theatre. Some other shows put on included the Pureblank reunion show, Twin Forks, and Adrian Raso. This was also the year that the Battle of the Bands competition was hosted.



A year where no matter the weekend, you were almost guaranteed a show – from Honest Heart Collective to Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies, GAIN had something for everyone. We saw tribute shows (spice girls) and reunion shows (Lifestory:Monologue.) 2015 was a year of shifting as we started working more with names such as Robbie G, Island Vibes and also student organizations.


More shows, More events  

GAIN had another shift as one of the members of GAIN had been invited at the end of 2016 to the Destination Next meetings which brought in city councillors, members from the arts council, other local festival hosts (hillside, dance fest, film fest, etc) as well as other entities in an effort to bring tourism to the forefront of priorities in Guelph. More shows, events, etc. Music Weekends in Downtown Guelph series also emerged from that meeting.


new looks

GAIN was proud to be a part of Music Weekends in Downtown Guelph, and was still focussing on bookings at DSTRCT as well as Jimmy Jazz from time-to-time. This was the year we unveiled EMO Nights, and hosted names such as Craig Cardiff and A Wilhelm Scream. This was also the year we unveiled our brand new logo (designed by Negative Underground Society.)


expanding the mould  

The Battle of The Bands competition re-emerged with more prizes for the artists and more local support than before. This was also the year that the focus was more on booking at DSTRCT than other venues (although, Brothers Brewing did hold the occasional matinee performance.) Continued working with, and supporting bands like Basic White, LUVR, Honest Heart Collective – but also expanded the genres as GAIN began working with Electronic Artists and DJ’s.


farewells - dstrct closed 

GAIN music started 2019 off with a bang, with CATL & Namedroppers playing. 2019 was also a year of farewells – with the Olivia and the Creepy Crawlies farewell show, this was also the year that GAIN said farewell to DSTRCT – with DSTRCT closing it’s doors in July. However, with the support of the local music scene, GAIN has seen events still go on at venues such as The Red Papaya, the E-Bar and ONYX.


stay tuned....